Our Mission

CrossFit Grund was established to create a place, where training is more than just sweat and machines. We want to form a community, where you boost your body, your mind and your life. Let us guide you on the path to beat the challenges that CrossFit brings to your muscles and your mind. Our [Team] will teach you the essence of CrossFit as mechanics, strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and so on. But most importantly: you will reach your limits and expand them with each work-out.

No worries, you won’t be alone – in our community we support each other to reach our goals and we improve ourselves together. Our trainers scale the trainings, so everyone can work-out on their own levels. You will never have to do anything that is beyond your skills or abilities.

If you would like to join us, check the [beginners’], [advanced] and [kids’] classes.

Work-outs at CrossFit Grund

Greg Glassman, its inventor, defined CrossFit as: ‘constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains’.

It means that CrossFit makes you stronger, fitter, builds your muscles and improves your mental skills through exercises with various intensity and timing. CrossFit includes full body functional training, weightlifting, gymnastics, running and other disciplines.

Classes shall involve a WOD, also known as the Workout of the Day, which is always compiled by the trainer – so nobody knows what tomorrow brings. We can guarantee– you will never feel bored.

WODs and movements require gymnastics, like ring or bar muscle up, handstand, handstand push up and handstand walk – just to mention a few. We created the Cross gymnastics program to provide a method that helps to learn the proper techniques, improve mobility and protect the joints.

When & Where

We provide appr. 30 CrossFit trainings weekly – choose the one that fits your level! If you haven’t met CrossFit so far and want to learn the basics, check out the beginners’ class. If you already have decent knowledge and experience and now you’re looking for more challenges and want to explore the real challenges in CrossFit, then the advanced classes are perfect for you.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring the young ones to the kids’ classes!

Note: The maximum number of persons per training is 14-16, so signing up for the classes [here] is mandatory.

The 1000 square meter CrossFit Grund is located only 2 minutes from Nyugati railway station. It can be easily reached with tram, bus or underground.

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