What is Crossfit?

„Constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensity”.
Crossfit’s exercises come from different kinds of sports and the repertoire is still expanding. These sports are weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics. Movements from these together with Crossfit-specific exercises provide a nearly unlimited range of training practices.

Who is Crossfit for?

One of the biggest advantages of our beloved sport is that the exercises can be performed by anyone, young or elderly, skinny or stronger, short or tall, all tailored to the individual’s abilities. At Grund we consider it essential that our athletes improve based on their personal abilities and prioritize their own individual achievements. Our coaches thrive to make sure every day that known or new tasks, exercises are mastered correctly so that our guests perform well in classes.

CrossFit Burn

At our Burn classes, we welcome anyone regardless of experience level who wishes to enjoy the Crossfit training intensity and spirit, but is not confident enough in weightlifting techniques just yet.
If you want to improve your endurance, this is the place to be!
Burn classes include 2-3 shorter or 1-2 longer, individual or team workouts focusing exclusively on the WODs (so no strength or practice portion this time).
We can guarantee fun, sweat & exhaustion!


One of Crossfit’s main components is weightlifting. Two weightlifting exercises (clean & jerk, snatch) and their accessories are in the focus of our weightlifting classes. We recommend it to our guests who wish to dig deeper in the weightlifting world, improve their technique and get stronger.
After a thorough warm up we develop correct technique with a variety of exercises, so our barbell work can be more efficient.
Besides being spectacular, weightlifting exercises are really effective in improving strength - something that we can definitely use in Crossfit classes.


Learning technique and improving strength in gymnastics exercises that often come up in Crossfit classes (handstand versions, pull up, muscle up, bar and ring exercises). Developing a quality routine with cues and accessories. Everyone gets progressions based on their current level and abilities, so classes are appropriate for beginners and advanced athletes as well. Ideal for those who wish to improve in more difficult exercises that are necessary to perform in a high level in Crossfit, or those who would like to get stronger for certain movements.

Functional bodybuilding

At our Functional bodybuilding classes, which aim to increase muscle mass and tone, you will encounter numerous new and exciting exercises. You can experience the challenges of exercises executed in a slow tempo with high repetitions (6-12). We recommend it to anyone who wishes to dig deeper in the world of functional movements or looks to extend their exercise repertoire. We welcome athletes who consider our CrossFit and Burn classes too intensive but wish to stay in shape as well.

Comp Class

For our competition prep classes we expect advanced athletes that wish to expand their boundaries and perform well and successfully at competitions. Sessions are 90’ long as opposed to classic Crossfit classes, so there is time to practice and improve weightlifting and gymnastics movements, and to perform WODs & exercises that require greater work capacity. We expect commitment, humility and diligence from our competitors, as the focus is on their improvement. This is the reason why there are certain requirements to participate in our competition prep classes.


We develop joint mobility and muscle flexibility in our Mobility classes.
Our athletes can learn effective stretching exercises and the correct use of the foam roller so they can avoid or reduce soreness after training.
The foam roller helps to perform myofascial massage on ourselves, which - together with stretching exercises - helps to improve circulation and empty waste matter from the body.
Mobile joints and flexible muscles help move more flawlessly not just at training, but in everyday life as well.

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