What and Why?

Why and what?

We, at the CrossFit Grund, care about the details. That’s the reason why besides classic CrossFit classes we provide special trainings for the CrossFit elements: weightlifting for the safe movements, gymnastics for the mobility and circuit trainings to strengthen your lungs and heart.

Choose these sessions to improve your skills and perfect your work-outs.


CrossFit is a modern training method that becomes more and more popular each day. The name says it all: it is a “cross training” that mixes several movements of different types sports, such as athletics, weightlifting, rowing, swimming and gymnastics. Work-outs are not focused on one concrete muscle but the intense training of the full body. The goal of CrossFit is not bodybuilding – you will get your beach-body though – but to evolve the functional strength that is used every day. That’s the reason why world-famous athletes do CrossFit additionally to their training sessions.

As CrossFit is much more an attitude than a concrete methodology, coaches free their minds when they plan the work-outs. Although, the scheme is similar: we train at one station for a given time and then move to the next one. We repeat it according to the coach. After the warm-up, we start with basic weightlifting movements, then a ca. 10 minute bodyweight exercise and close the session with a 2-10 minute high-intensity metabolic conditioning. And of course, we never skip stretching.

The tools and movements vary on a wide range – but they all have their effects on several muscles at the same time and there is no time to rest between exercises. That’s why work-outs are not that long – on the other hand, they are really intense, include several different exercises and lead to an eye-catching change of your body – especially if you’re a beginner. The schedule is normally 3 training days in a row and then 1 day to rest – for those who did not do any physical activity before, 2 training days and 1 rest day is acceptable as it is essential to give enough time our body to recover.

Olympic weightlifting

Weightlifting is one of the oldest sports – and you can join our classes no matter your age or level of fitness.

On our sessions, besides gaining the basic knowledge about this sport, you will get familiar with the structure of a classical Olympic weightlifting class. Starting with the fundamentals, we not only train to improve stamina and mobility, but also to be able to use our strength with maximal efficiency.

CrossFit gymnactics

Each and every sport requires gymnastic movements – just as CrossFit includes ring or bar muscle up, handstand, handstand push up and handstand walk. We created the Cross gymnastics program to provide a method that helps to learn the proper techniques, improve mobility and protect the joints.


CrossFit is meant to be big FUN for all ages. With the CrossFit Kids we focus on movement and happiness in sport, through which children build up overall better health. The programme offers a possibility to your children to relief stress, find the enjoyment in sport and improve in an enthusiastic and joyful team. CrossFit Kids is designed to be simple but diverse; it is understandable and easy to follow, allowing children an entertaining way to learn the principles of being physically fit and active throughout their lives.

CrossFit Kids is a method aiming to teach children ages 6-14. CrossFit Kids enables your kids to learn the foundations of movements, main techniques and the love of exercise throughout childhood. The trainings are based on the following principles: Mechanics, Consistency and later on Intensity. As they acquire the proper form of motion with practice, they not only find the joy in sport but also protect themselves from injuries in the future. Thus, research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means following the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

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