Would you like to change yourself physically and mentally? Know your goal, but you have difficulties on the way to reach it? Are you ready for a quick and spectacular improvement?

All people were born to move. Regardless of whether you do sport or not, you are professional or starter, not even your age, weight, job or location can set borders because you have what it takes. You already tried many type of sports and just feel that these lines are still not describing you? Then give a last chance to CrossFit!

The CrossFit mixes various types of sports, for this reason everybody can find their own personal need that fits to their level and reach success from the very first time. That’s why it holds challenges class by class. Someone is skillful, others are quick, there is some who persistent and there is who strong, but the rest doesn’t really know their strength. Maybe because they never got the chance to try gymnastics, athletics, and weightlifting or just go running, rowing, swimming, and biking. There were no coaches and team, who are motivating you. That’s what CrossFit gives you: a chance to be your best, to improve yourself and find your own way.

CrossFit is not only a sport, but a philosophy which says that everyone has its own skill and opportunity to be fit and healthy. On the other hand, it is a community that can adopt, motivate and support you. You can be anywhere in the World and train in any CrossFit club, you will feel you have arrived home and surrounded by your friends.

Come and be a part of it! Try our CrossFit starter classes at the Grund.

Your only task is to start, the rest is our work!

(14, Hegedűs Gyula u., Budapest, 1136).



To whom do we recommend?

The beauty of CrossFit is the mixed structure where everyone can find its own challenge regardless of gender, age, physicality. From starter, through re-starter to professional, everyone can start it. The improvement can be seen very quickly thanks to the high intensity classes. As in other sports, here you also need some persistence to reach your goals. But if you have it, you can see amazing transformation regarding your body composition, stamina and also in the way you feel.

Everybody is more than welcome for our CrossFit trainings who would like to get an insight into this sport and learn the basics from our certified trainers. Those who would like to meet the tools of functional trainings and learn its usage. Moreover, for those who would like to train and improve their skills in a fun team with similar interest. Last but not least, also for those who would like to forgive the stressful days for an hour and want to energize themselves on a high intensity training class.

What you can estimate on the starter classes?

Dress up comfortably in your sport clothes and shoes, grab a bottle of water and get started. In the first 4 weeks after the warm up, there are some strengthening, mobilization and coordination exercises. You can meet the base CrossFit exercises and learn the appropriate technique. After all we start to improve your stamina for the higher level of straightening exercises. Finally, you can meet the WOD form and be totally obsessed with its unique training method.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a training method and philosophy coming from America, which turn its back to the fitness machines and put bodyweight exercises on the focus with a minimal number of training tools. The aim is to increase power and straightness that forms with various training method. Thanks to its complex exercises, CrossFit is not only focusing to a part of muscle group but to the whole body where bodyweight exercises improve stamina, physics and agility.

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